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Tracking System for User Identification

Your IP Information
Your User Agent Information
All browsers have unique information that can be used to track our digital identity, such as: browser extensions, available fonts, pixel depth of the screen ...
Your browser has the following unique fingerprinting
The above technical identification data of your device and your connection is always performed automatically by any browser and can be known by the owner of the website to which you access. We only wanted to show it to you so that you are aware of it. This information is not collected or incorporated into any file nor do we relate or link it with your personal data in the event that you request more information or contact us. More information in our Legal Notice .


The tracker can be used in the following ways:


SMS Tracking

Sending SMS to obtain the geolocation of the user and data of the device and IP that is being used.


Email Tracking

Sending traceable email so that we can geolocate the user and obtain the type of device as well as operating system once the email is opened.


Social Media Tracking

Sending shortened link via direct message in any social network to geolocate the user and obtain information about the device and IP address.


Success stories using trackers to geolocate Telegram users and fake profiles: